Class 2 Home Learning Thursday 11th June

Good Morning Class 2

I hope you are all well and staying safe. Many thanks to those of you who have posted your work on Class Dojo. It was good to see that many of you enjoyed experimenting with the paper aeroplanes.

Here are your learning activities for today.


Carrying on with White Rose Lesson 4 for Alternative Week 7-Summer Term.

Year 3: Compare Lengths

Lesson 4 – Compare lengths 2019-26809

Lesson 4 Answers – Compare lengths 2019-28991

Year 4: Add two 4-digit numbers

Year 4-Lesson 4 – Add two 4-digit numbers

Lesson 4 Answers – Compare lengths 2019-28991

Year 5: Inverse Operations -addition and subtraction

Year 5-Lesson 4 – Year 5-Lesson 4 – Inverse operations (addition and subtraction)

Year 5-Lesson 4 Answers – Year 5-Lesson 4 Answers – Inverse operations (addition and subtraction)


Year 3: Using a thesaurus – Sometimes when you want to say something differently, using a thesaurus can help you find the right words. Don’t worry if you don’t have a thesaurus at home as you can use one of the many online versions.

Year 4: Using a thesaurus Y4

Year 5: Using relative clauses


PE with Joe Wicks on Youtube at 9:00am or catch up later in the day.


Complete any unfinished Lessons from the “People” Assignment on and then revisit some of the lessons to upskill your level.

Revise work on Family Members by looking at this presentation then completing the matching activity and wordsearch.

Ma Famille Presentation

family match up & worksheet


Have a great day.

Mr. Church