Class 2 Home Learning Thursday 2nd July

Good Morning Class 2

Here are your learning activities for today.


Year 3: Telling the time to 5 minutes.

Year 3-Lesson 4 – Telling the time to 5 minutes

Year 3-Lesson 4 Answers – Telling the time to 5 minutes

Year 4: Line Graphs.

Year 4-Lesson 4 – Line graphs

Year 4-Lesson 4 Answers – Line graphs

Year 5: Calculating angles around a point.

Year 5-Lesson 4 – Calculating angles around a point

Year 5-Lesson 4 Answers – Calculating angles around a point


Year 3: Learn how to join sentences together using coordinating conjunctions.

Year 4: Learn about the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

Year 5: Learn to give a presentation using charts and graphs.


PE with Joe Wicks at 9.00am on Youtube or catch up later in the day.


Have you ever wondered why statues are put up? Statues have been in the news recently because some have been destroyed, some have been protected and new ones have been suggested. Use the resources to discuss and write about your views on statues in our towns and cities.


Picture News Resource 1 – 29th June

Picture News Resource 2 – 29th June

Picture News at Home – 29th June

Picture News Paper – 29th June

Have a great day.

Mr. Church