Class 2 Home Learning Thursday 9th July

Good Morning Class 2.

Here are your Learning activities for today.


Year 3: Measure Capacity.

Year 3-Lesson 4 – Measure capacity (2)

Year 3-Lesson 4 Answers – Measure capacity (2)

Year 4: Quadrilaterals.

Year 4-Lesson 4 – Quadrilaterals

Year 4-Lesson 4 Answers – Quadrilaterals

Year 5: Translation.

Year 5-Lesson 4 – Translation

Year 5-Lesson 4 Answers – Translation


Year 3: Writing headlines using alliteration.

Year 4: Writing headlines using alliteration.

Year 5: Learn how to analyse Shakespeare’s The Tempest.


PE with Joe Wicks at 9.00am or catch up later in the day.


Found Sounds. Learn how to make music with objects found around your home or garden.

Once you have created a composition take a photograph of the objects you used to create the sounds. Try recording your piece of music using the record function on a mobile phone or tablet.

Learn a new song.

Have a great day.

Mr. Church