Class 2 Home Learning Thursday18th June

Good Morning Class 2. I hope you are all fit and well. Hopefully all the links will work today after sorting out the problem from last week. Here are your learning activities for today.


Year 3:

Summer Term Week 8 w/c 15th June Lesson 4 Calculate Perimeter.

Year 3-Lesson 4 – Calculate perimeter 2019-51198

Year 3-Lesson 4 Answers – Calculate perimeter 2019-11116

Year 4: Summer Term Week 8 w/c 15th June Lesson 4 Efficient Subtraction

Year 4-Lesson 4 – Efficient subtraction 2019-12279

Year 4-Lesson 4 Answers – Efficient subtraction 2019-25712

Year 5: Summer Term Week 8 w/c 15th June Lesson 4 Use Line Graphs to Solve Problems

Year 5-Lesson 4 – Use line graphs to solve problems 2019-49324

Year 5-Lesson 4 Answers – Use line graphs to solve problems 2019-97501


Year 3 Nonsense Poetry. Explore what Nonsense Poetry is and try writing your own nonsense poems. This builds on work we did earlier in the year from Curriculum Visions.

Year 4 Learning a Poem off by Heart. Develop your understanding of a poem by learning parts of it off by heart.

Year 5 Writing Nonsense Poems. Learn how to write your own Nonsense poems.


PE with Joe Wicks on Youtube at 9:00am or catch up later in the day.

You could also try a warm up with Marcus Rashford here


Log into Duolingo to begin your new assignment on Travel.

Work on Lesson 1 for 30 minutes to earn your 75 points bonus. As you keep revisiting Lesson 1, you will also upskill your level.

Have a great day

Mr Church.