Home Learning Tuesday 14th July

Hi Class 2,

I hope you managed to complete your outdoor activity yesterday despite the rain? Here are today’s tasks:


For your warm up can you try this superhero subtraction game? Bronze complete facts to 50, silver and gold try facts to 100.

Superhero subtraction

Here are today’s White Rose materials. Please find the links for the videos and the activities below.

Year 3 lesson 2 Add and subtract capacity
Year 4 Lesson  2 – Complete a symmetric figure
Year 5 -Lesson 2 – Imperial Units
year 3 Lesson 2 – Add and subtract capacity
year 4 Lesson 2 – Complete a symmetric figure
year 5 Lesson 2 – Imperial units

year 3 Lesson 2 Answers – Add and subtract capacity
year 4 Lesson 2 Answers – Complete a symmetric figure

year 5 Lesson 2 Answers – Imperial units


Can you create your own comic book? Use the sheets below (or the one that was given to you last week in school). You can write a short version of the superhero story that you wrote last week or you can create your own short story. You can look at the Marvel website at some comics to give you an idea about how they should look. You can use the speech bubbles below or draw your own to show the characters speech and thoughts.

Comic_Speech Bubbles

Comic frame


In the second week of school closure, I asked you to complete a garden survey to see what insects and wildlife you could see in your garden. Can you please complete this survey again, thinking about how the amount of wildlife has changed between spring and summer?


Something else?

Complete either a kids Zumba session or a superhero HIIT session. Choose which ever you would prefer!