Home Learning Tuesday 7th July

Good morning class 2,

Are you ready for another superhero themed day? Here are today’s tasks:


For today’s warm up can you please complete the sheet below


Here are today’s White Rose materials. Please find the links for the videos and the activities below. This week we will be using some of the alternative materials, so the link to the videos may look different than usual.
Year 3 lesson 2 Compare Mass
Year 4 Lesson  2 – Compare and Order angles
Year 5 -Lesson 2 – Reasoning about 3D shapes
year 3 Lesson 2 – Compare mass
year 4 Lesson 2 – Compare and order angles
year 5 Lesson 2 – Reasoning about 3D shapes

year 3 Lesson 2 Answers – Compare mass
year 4 Lesson 2 Answers – Compare and order angles

year 5 Lesson 2 Answers – Reasoning about 3D shapes



Can you please write the first two paragraphs to your superhero story. Remember to include some of the powerful adjectives that we looked at last week to describe your hero and a villain if you have included one. Can you also focus on opening your sentences in different ways. You can use the mat below for some ideas.




Try to code your own superhero. Click the link below and watch the video. Then create your own superhero and program them to say things that show their personality. Once you have completed that task, scroll down the video page. You should see some add on videos. Choose at least 3 more and complete them.

Superhero hour of code

Something else?

Can you complete your own superhero workout?