Class 3 home learning 21.1.21

Good morning Class 3! Please remember to reply to my teams meeting invitations via your email. You have to open the email and select ‘attending’!


As normal, please start by warming up on TT rockstars,  have a go on garage mode, studio and soundcheck and then challenge some of your friends!

Then try out daily multiplication tables challenge 13 – 24 Times Tables sheet

Today’s worksheet: Multiply fractions by fractions

Check your answers honestly using the: answer sheet


The spelling test is tomorrow so please make sure you’ve practised. I would also like your ten sentences emailed to me today!
Please continue reading on fiction express, don’t forget I can see who is logging on and who isn’t!


Here is today’s RE lesson on the Holy book of Islam! Please continue adding your new knowledge to your power point presentation/information file/hand written project about Islam. I’m really looking forward to seeing them at the end of the module! (I will be asking to see them so please keep on top of them!)


Today’s Charanga lesson is all about animals!

Please email me your work by this evening and complete your 2do’s on purple mash! 

Email me if you have any questions!

Have a great day!