Home Learning Friday 17th July

Hi Class 2,

It’s the last day of the school year! It has been a very unusual school year and one that I am sure we will all remember. It will be good to have a break before we start the new school year. If you can do anything over the holidays, try to practise your times tables as much as possible and read as often as you can. I hope you have a fantastic holiday and I will see you all in September. Here are today’s tasks:


Can you play these times table top trumps cards?


It’s the last Friday of the school year so its our final Family Friday Challenge! Work independently to complete as many questions as you can and then work as a family to try and complete the challenge.




Can you look at the PowerPoint about the life of Stan Lee. Read about him, carry out your own research and write a fact file about him. You can print the fact file template and write straight into that, or you can type straight into the document if you prefer.




Right now you are living through history. Can you create a time capsule to mark this extraordinary time?

Here are some ideas:

1. Write a letter to yourself. Tell your age, who your friends are, favourite TV shows, songs, book etc. Write about what’s going on. Tell your future self about how you feel. Talk about what you would like to be when you grow up and five things you want to do when you grow up.

2. If it’s safe to get a newspaper, get one and cut out articles that you think would be important to your future self. Or print them from online.

3. Draw a picture of your family as it is now.

4. Take some pictures of today, print them out and include them in the box.

5. Put it all together in a scrap book or a lunch box and store it somewhere, like a loft, where you will not come across it for years to come!

Here are some writing frames if you would like to use them, or you can just put it together yourself. It may be something that you could continue to work on into the summer holidays.

Covid 19 TimeCapsule.

Something Else?

Can you create your own web warrior? Click the link below.

Web Warrior