Complaints Procedure

Information on how to make a formal complaint regarding the curriculum and Religious Worship, under Section 23 of the Education Reform Act 1988, is held at the school.
For all other complaints or concerns parents (and others) are encouraged to raise them initially with the Class teacher and then the Headteacher, who will be able to discuss them either there and then or at a mutually agreed time. Should it not be possible to resolve any complaint or concern satisfactorily in this way the complaint should be put in writing and sent or given to the Headteacher. If you would like assistance in setting out your complaint the school will, if asked, help you to do this, facilitating access to translation services where necessary. The school then promises to deal with your complaint as follows:-
_ formally acknowledge it within seven working days.
_ tell you the name and telephone number of the person looking into your
_ respond to it within twenty school working days or if it is not possible to give you a complete answer tell you what is being done to investigate and how long it is expected to take.
_ tell you if it has to be dealt with under a special procedure.
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can write to the Chairman of Governors who will arrange for the complaints committee to consider what you have to say. Should you still not be satisfied and want to take the matter further you will be told who else you can write to at that stage. A full Statement of the School’s Complaints Policy can be obtained from the School Office.