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Summer 2 Home Learning

Summer 2 Home learning
This half term our focus is History, specifically the Romans.
This home learning has various activities for you to complete.
The minimum is 18 points, but feel free to do more.
Please send photos of anything you have created or cooked so we can stick it in our home learning books.
Have fun

Links to help
Roman Mosaics Presentation
Paper catapult
BBC Website all about Romans
BBC Website all about Leonardo Di Vinci 
Roman Facts

Michael Angelo Painting – what to do


Summer 1 Home Learning

This half term in Geography we are learning all about volcanoes.
Please select at least three of the activities from the sheet. One activity that all must complete is the model of the volcano so we can explode them altogether. The instructions of how you could do it are below
Please return all home learning by May 19th in home learning books.
Summer 1 Home learning
Animals that live near volcanoes
Famous Volcano Fact Cards
Volcanoes DK website

Volcano Model
Making a model volcano Please do NOT do the explosion part
Making a papier mache volcano
There are many other examples on you tube if you would like to use something else.

Have Fun

Home Learning 06.04.22


Using the method of either short multiplication, or the expanded method can you complete the sheet below.

Platinum activity


Please watch the film ‘Ride of Passage’. Today we will be writing a description of the setting.

Look at the powerpoint below and then write a paragraph describing the setting.


Guided Reading

Please complete the comprehension below.



Can you answer the question ‘Does a Beautiful world mean a wonderful God’? Use what you have learnt throughout the unit.

Try use use the sentence openers

Some people think that…

Others think that…

I think…. because….

Home Learning 05.04.22


Please watch the video below and complete the sheet using short multiplication.

gold task sheet


Please watch the video below.

Can you storyboard the animation using time conjunctions and adverbials to show the passage of time?

Story board x 8



Can you please look at the presentation below.


Can you please complete the grid to show some positive and negative ways that humans can impact the environment.

human impact task


Please see the link sent via class dojo.

Maya Civilization

This half term we will be doing project based Home learning all about the Ancient Maya.
Each child has received a Project book with this menu stuck in the front.
Maya Homework

Each activity has a certain number of points. Children need at least 24 points and have 5 weeks to complete the tasks, before books need to be returned into school (7th April 2022). They can complete any of the activities in any order. You can tick the activities off as you go to make it easier to remember which ones you have done.

As some tasks are practical in nature (make a Mayan hot chocolate), I would request that you take a photo of the finished product/ the process and either: stick it in the Project book or send it in via class dojo, so we can print it and stick it in.

Have fun with your projects.

Links to help
DK Find out website this has a lot of facts about the Maya and is interactive too.
Top 10 Facts About The Mayas

A great video about Mayan Inventions

Clay Pyramid Instructions (An example, you can use different material/ even use Minecraft)

The great KingInformation about the great Maya King
Maya Gods

Home Learning 26.01.22


Today we are continuing to work on 3 digit division by 1 digit. Please work through the powerpoint below and answer the blue star questions.




We will be looking at direct speech. Can you watch this clip about penguins and complete the sheet about direct speech?



We will be talking about how amazing our world is. Next week, we will be starting to write a poem about our amazing world. Can you look at the powerpoint below and see if you can collect some ideas?

Why is Our World So Special?

Guided Reading.

Could you please read the text and answer the questions?

Famous Landmarks Stage 4 Comp – Comprehension Pack

Home Learning 25.01.22


Spr4.3.3 – Divide 3-digits by 1-digit from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.




We will be starting our class book today. Look at the PowerPoint below and then try and answer the questions below to make a prediction of what you think the book will be about.

Lesson-1—Powerpoint grendel – chocolate prediction. home learning


Who is the main character?

What do you think this character may be like?


What does the picture tell us?


What do you think could happen?

What does the word cautionary tell us?


What is the climate like in South America?

Please watch this following video.

Then look at the information in the slides below.


Then can you please complete just the first sheet from these below.



Today we will be answering the question: Do all types of chocolate melt at the same temperature?

Look at pages 4- 6 of the document below. Could you complete a similar enquiry at home?


Remember to also practice your times tables on TT Rockstars and to read a chapter of your reading book.

Home Learning 24.01.22

Please find today’s home learning tasks below.

Maths – Year 4

Spr4.3.2 – Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2) from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.


Y4-Spring-Block-1-Answers Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019 MA HA table


We are looking at expanded noun phrases. Please watch the video and powerpoint below and then complete the activity.

BBC – Expanded nouns

RKT -year-4-expanded-noun-phrases-

Can you create 5 sentences using expanded noun phrases about this picture. Use the table below to help you.

Expanded noun table


Can you please complete this lesson on melting and boiling points.


If you are feeling well enough, can you complete this yoga video.

Remember to also practice your times tables on TT Rockstars and to read a chapter of your reading book.

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