Cheswardine Primary and Nursery School is a busy and happy place. Whatever their age, each new child will be given a warm welcome and encouraged to be fully involved in the life of the school. Parents can be confident that my staff and I will do all in our power to ensure that every student derives the maximum value from their schooldays here.

Cheswardine Primary and Nursery School is a unique school and a unique learning experience. It brings together the strength of its traditions and the vitality of its vision to create an environment that inspires individual achievement.
We are firmly committed to the all round development of the individual and strenuous efforts are made to ensure that every child fulfils their personal potential, in studies, on the sports field, in service activities and in cultural and recreational pursuits.
Experience shows that when students are involved in the life of the school community they are more likely to identify with its values. Accordingly there is a rich extra-curricular programme in which all children are encouraged to participate, according to their interests and capacities. For some, this involvement will be intense but, as our academic records attest, some of the highest achievers have also been the greatest contributors to school life.
We have never sought to emphasise particular parts of the school programme at the expense of others. Each subject is valued equally and all academic areas are strong. We are particularly proud of our record in the expressive arts, where our school has been awarded a national Artsmark quality award for standards in teaching and learning in the Arts.
Expectations at the school are high. Students apply themselves diligently to their work, and meet their obligations in sport and other out of class activities. Children take a pride in wearing their uniforms and conduct themselves with respect for the sensitivities of others. Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in school affairs, as are former pupils and the very real sense of community which results in one of our greatest strengths. We value highly our association with our local church St Swithuns.
The best way to judge a school is to see it in action. Browse through our school website for our prospectus, newsletters and Ofsted report or make an appointment to come along and meet us.

Mrs R Williams
Acting Interim Headteacher