Lots of our school policies are available for you to view online.
Any person wishing to see the policies of Cheswardine Primary and Nursery School is able to view them at the school. However it should be noted that our school is at the forefront of educational practice and so policies are dynamic, ‘living documents’.
Our Ofsted report of September 2019 is available on our webpage or from the school office.
Requests for paper copies of information contained on our website should be made to the Headteacher, via the school office.

Policy Documents

2025-2026 Admissions Policy

2023 Health and Safety Policy

2024 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2024

Goldstone Federation Mental Health and Well-Being Policy

Visitors Code of Conduct Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Goldstone Federation Equality Statement, Information and Objectives

Goldstone Federation Remote Learning Policy For Parents

Goldstone Federation Behaviour Policy and Guidelines

Goldstone Federation Behaviour Principles

Goldstone Federation 2022 Complaints Policy and Procedure

2021 E Safety and Acceptable Use Policy

2021 Biting Policy

2021 Children with Health Needs who cannot attend School Policy

2021 Goldstone Federation Equal Opportunities Policy

2021 Goldstone Federation SEND Policy

2020 Goldstone Federation GDPR Policy

2020 Goldstone Federation Lost Or Missing Children Policy

2020 Goldstone Federation Guidelines For Managing Aggressive And Abusive Parents 


Cheswardine’s Prevent Duty Risk Assessment

Supporting-Pupils-with-Medical-Needs-in-Schools-Policy 2022

2020 Goldstone Federation School Exclusions Policy

2020 Goldstone Federation School Teaching And Learning Policy 

2020 Goldstone Federation Volunteer Policy

2019 Attendance Policy

2019 Charging And Remissions Policy

2019 Marking And Feedback Policy

2018 Asthma Policy

British Values Statement

2018 Drugs Education Policy

2018 Non-smoking Policy

2018 Mobile Phone Policy

Nursery Policies

2020 Administering Medicines Policy

2020 Admissions Policy

2020 British Values

2020 Childrens Rights And Entitlements

2020 Fire Safety And Emergency Evacuation

2020 Food And Drink Policy

2020 Food Hygiene

2020 Health And Safety General Standards

2020 Maintaining Children’s Safety And Security On The Premises

2020 Managing Children Who Are Sick, Infectious Or With Allergies

2020 Nappy Changing Policy

2020 Risk Assessment Policy

2020 Staffing Policy

2020 Supervision Of Children On Outings

2020 Supporting Children With SEN

2020 The Role Of The Key Person And Settling In

2020 Valuing Diversity And Promoting Inclusion And Equality

2020 Working In Partnership With Other Agencies