Starting School

At Cheswardine Primary and Nursery School children are cared for as individuals with differing abilities, interest and goals. Skilled professionals work to further enhance the self-esteem of each child and their capacity to meet the rigorous demands of learning in an academic environment.
Great emphasis is placed on good behaviour both in and out of school. The children are encouraged to behave in a responsible manner at all times. A reminder about the school rules is given at the start of each school year. Rules are kept to the minimum, common sense prevails. During the school day, children work in groups. They share equipment and work with many other children.
It will help if your child has had experience of playing with other children, and learning that other children matter.
At this school we operate a positive discipline scheme that demands and praises excellence. We have a clear procedure displayed in each classroom if children choose not to conform to our high standards of behaviour. Incidents of inappropriate behaviour are recorded. After the recording of 3 incidents parents are requested to meet with the Headteacher to discuss the matter and to identify a strategy to support the child. Should serious inappropriate behaviour continue after this meeting then the child will be sent home at the discretion of the Headteacher. At this point other agencies such as the behaviour support team may be asked to support the child and their family.
Bullying, cheating, deceit, unkindness, irresponsibility and dishonesty are unacceptable. All incidents of racial harassment and racism are dealt with swiftly and seriously. It is a legal responsibility that the Headteacher has to report any racist incident to the LA immediately, detailing any person involved. In our school we actively promote tolerance and respect for all people