Our curriculum is built for children to SHINE (Succeed, be Happy, be Independent, be Nurtured, be Empowered)

This must include the National Curriculum but it is so much more than that…it is EVERYTHING we offer our pupils for example:.

Through our vision as a federation which encourages our children to reach for the stars, find ways to be successful, foster a love of learning, discover their place in society, uncover their own likes and dislikes and develop their skills and personal talents.

Through our expectations, in the way we encourage children to move around, line up, treat each other, question the world around them and investigate their values in response

Through the extended provision we offer opportunities for talents to be explored and different experiences to be had.

The Primary School Curriculum

The first year of school is called Reception where children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The next two years (Years 1 and 2) are called Key Stage One (KS1). The following four years of schooling (Years 3 to 6) being called Key Stage Two. Years 3 and 4 are Lower Key Stage 2 (LKS2) and Years 5 and 6 are Upper Key Stage 2 (UKS2). The school follows the guidelines set out in the National Curriculum as published to date for all areas of the primary school curriculum.

Children are taught in a variety of ways: individually, in small groups, or as a whole class, whichever is most appropriate to enable effective use of teacher expertise and also provide focused teaching for key areas of the curriculum. All work is carefully planned and pupils individually monitored so that each child makes progress and we are able to bring out the best in each child no matter what their age or ability.

At Cheswardine we strive for an engaging curriculum which allows children to thrive both inside and outside of the classroom. We have a Forest School weekly for different groups and offer a yearly residential activity week to Year 5/6 which allows our children to have meaningful and exciting learning opportunities beyond the National Curriculum, experiences which stretch their resilience, resourcefulness and problem solving skills and prepare them to face the wide range of challenges they will face in the future.

Ensuring Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Cheswardine Primary and Nursery School actively promotes fundamental British values, primarily through our daily collective worship and throughout our curriculum by establishing a strong school ethos supported by effective relationships throughout the school, and providing relevant activities beyond the classroom. Pupils are encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance. It is expected that pupils should understand that while different people may hold different views about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, all people living in England are subject to its law. The school’s ethos and teaching supports the rule of English civil and criminal law. We strive to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

The Early Years Foundation Curriculum

The Foundation Curriculum is centred on seven areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language and Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; Physical Development and Expressive Arts. There are specific goals for the children to achieve and much emphasis is placed on speaking and listening and on role-play. The curriculum is planned through themes designed to stimulate and engage. Class 1’s Reception work closely with Nursery in order to provide child-initiated learning opportunities where observations can be made so that development is monitored against early learning goals.

The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum applies to all children from the beginning of Year 1. It sets out programmes of study for all subjects. Religious Education is taught following the locally agreed syllabus. The National Curriculum provides the framework for ensuring continuity and progression across the school. Your child will be taught English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Personal, Social Health and Education (PSHE), RSE, PE (Dance, Games, Swimming and Gymnastics), Religious Education, Art, Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages (Years 3 to 6) and Music.

Each curriculum area has a policy which outlines the way we implement the subject in our school. There will also be an accompanying scheme of work which outlines the precise content to be taught throughout each year in school. We have a rolling programme for subjects giving breadth, progression, relevance, knowledge and skills appropriate to each age group. Each member of our teaching staff is responsible for organising and overseeing the work of a particular subject area. Our long term plans and concept trackers, as well as skills progression throughout the school can be accessed in the subject pages on the website. Please also read the class pages to check out the exciting themes being covered each term.